When the system fails you Justin Wing will not!

“Justin took my case. A broken young man who was struggling with both a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and alcoholism. Justin never took short cuts. He confidently stayed to the truth of what was happening in my life and would NOT allow anyone to make me out as a criminal. He is not only extremely educated but his heart is in his work. Justin I can’t thank you enough for not only being an excellent tool in the legal system to navigate through my nightmare with Framingham probation but also for being a friend to me through it all even though we had never met you cared. I see a nice vacation home in Maine in your future and sobriety in mine!”

~ Chris L.

Absolutely amazing lawyer, very professional and extremely competent! Lifesaver! Most Highly recommended!

“Justin Wing has been an absolutely top class lawyer for me through my whole case and trial. He literally saved my life and that is not an understatement. I cannot praise and thank him enough honestly. He is extremely competent and knowledgeable in his profession and understands the legal system inside and out like the back of his hand. Communication was excellent and he kept me informed through every major step of the due process. I was awarded not guilty on all charges and true justice prevailed in the end thanks to Justin's expertise in revealing the truth. God blessed me to meet him and have him as my lawyer. Aside from his profession Justin is an absolutely great guy, very level headed, genuine and personable. I feel like I have known him for many years and it has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you and God bless you from the bottom of my heart! You are a legend!”

~ Marko T.

Best of the best!

“I just had a case where because of my criminal record I was facing 2.5 years in jail. I had spoken to other lawyers who all said take the two and a half years, there was no way I’d win. Then I hired attorney Wing and he told me from day one he thought I had a great case, I let him work his magic and we won!!! Attorney Wing is awesome I’ve had many lawyers and he’s the best! It always helps having an ex-DA and a defense lawyer because they know both sides. Attorney Wing mastered both sides. I can’t thank him enough!”

~ Shane H.

So extremely grateful

“I hired Justin Wing to represent my case of shoplifting and larceny. I could not be more happy with Justin's services and truly believe if it weren't for him I would be in a much different and worse position. Justin's exceptional ability to defend and represent my side of the story made it so this charge wouldn't effect the rest of my life. Not only was he able to defend and ultimately win my case, he, as a person made all the difference in this stressful time for me. I first sought out his practice having no prior legal experience or any kind of involvement or knowledge about the law nor lawyers in general. I was extremely scared, embarrassed, and quite frankly not very confident I would be okay. My initial consultation with Justin enlightened me. Not only did he educate me on this confusing process, he explained what I should expect, and was extremely honest about the possible outcomes, no sugar coating. Being so scared, Justin's 10+ years of experience and his personable, down to earth qualities allowed for me to finally breathe. Justin assured me he would do everything in his power to fight for me and that's exactly what he did. I am so grateful he provided me with this comfort and reassurance during such a hard, and uncertain time for me. When I first started consulting, I was so afraid my restricted budget wouldn't meet any lawyers financial demand. Justin, however was extremely flexible and reasonable, truly emphasizing his desire to help me, thus, provided a manageable payment plan we came up with based on what I could reasonably afford. This allowed me not to worry about yet another aspect. Thanks to him, it is as if this stupid mistake never happened. Being a 20 year old nursing student, had things been different, this incident could have ruined everything that I have ever worked towards. For that, I'm eternally thankful. So, having had such a positive experience with Justin, I urge you to consult /seek out his services. During a time of great distress, why not give yourself a sense of hope and assurance things will be ok?”

~ Emily O.

A Great Lawyer!

“Justin took on a very small issue for me and put in more time than expected coming up with questions and reviewing the citations I was given. I walked into court, he was already there and reviewed everything with me before the hearing. He was able to get both tickets thrown out! I highly recommend him. Dedicated, personable and very knowledgeable in his craft. Thank you again!”

~ Mike O.

Excellent Attorney

“Justin is a skilled defense attorney. He stepped in the night before my hearing to cover for my attorney. I was nervous considering I just met him but I did not want a postponement. I provided him verbal and written synpsoses of my case and situation. It was clear to me the next morning he prepared thoroughly for my hearing. He asked good questions and I quickly became confident in his abilities. He successfully defended me in court. I am very happy with his skills and work ethic and would certainly hire him again.”

~ Matthew D.

Amazing Lawyer

“Justin is an amazing lawyer and I’d recommend him to anyone!! If you give him a reason to have faith in you, he will, and in turn you will have faith in yourself because he will fight for you, side by side, until the end! I couldn’t have had a better guy on my side. He truly never gave up on me and he still checks in on me from time to time!”

~ Danielle S.

Best Attorney

“By far Justin is one of the most knowledgeable and caring attorneys you will ever find. Took time and effort to explain to me the steps and process of understanding my case and as soon as you know it he saved my future. Hire Justin Wing to win!”

~ Petros P.

Top notch

“I couldn’t have asked for better representation or support. He saw my case through and never left me clueless. I recommend attorney wing to ANYONE and EVERYONE.”

~ Nicole P.

Top Notch

“A conscientious attorney who presented the facts to me thoroughly so I could understand the consequences in any decisions I made moving forward!

Cheers you up when things feel down.”

~ Bill R.

Highly Recommend

“We recently hired Justin to help address warrants that were outstanding for many years. Within two days, we went to court with Justin and he got everything taken care of. This was a life changer to be able to get these settled. Throughout the process, Justin was very helpful in assuring things would be taken care of and easing our anxiety. We could not have asked for a better lawyer!”

~ Pauline B.

Great job

“Justin was a great lawyer. Not only was he always in a upbeat spirit he got the job done. He was a great lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone who has a legal issue. He helped me out greatly and if I ever have any problems I would be sure to ask him for help. Thank you Justin you were very nice, kind, friendly and personable! :)”

~ Manjari S.

Amazing Lawyer!!!

“Attorney Wing was very helpful to me with my legal needs. Attorney Wing showed an excellent amount of dedication to my case, he was knowledgeable and insightful and I would definitely use his services in the future should I ever need.”

~ Sean F.


“Justin Wing was great, couldn't ask for a better attorney. I highly recommend using his services. He helped me out more then I could ever ask for.”

~ Alan S.

There when you need him!!

“In an emergency situation he was right there when we needed him. He is very responsive, communicative, and easy to get in touch with. Something had to be done right away to prevent a client from being detained and Justin did what it took to save the day and have him released, pending trial and allowing the client to go get the help that he needed at a hospital. It was a huge relief and we are truly grateful.”

~ Lydia S.

Highly recommended! He is the best!

“Oh my God, he is so smart, so caring so helpful and an excellent lawyer. We couldn’t believe that he could deal with four different cases that we were so worried for any individual ones. Yet, today he solved the last one. We won! I mean he won the case. Thanks a million, Mr. Wing. You are the best.”

~ Nasrin S.

Best lawyer hands down!

“About two years ago I got into some trouble with the law that I had no way getting out of. I was so nervous and anxious about what will happen to my life until Wing came into my life. From being so professional to understanding how hard life is at 23 years, he made sure to make me feel as comfortable as I needed. Not only did he get me out of my jam but he made sure to get everything sealed so it wouldn’t ruin my career for the future. He was my first lawyer and I’m 100% positive he will be my next if needed. You won’t be disappointed if you hire him, you’ll actually be blessed. BTW I had check fraud cases and yes was found not guilty.”

~ Alyssa C.

Highly Recommend

“I hired Justin for an OUI case. I was extremely nervous - being a professional and mother of two, this was truly a mistake I could not afford to have made. The police report documenting my refusal was so detailed, Justin thought it would be risky to take to trial. He handled the case quickly and professionally, and delivered the promised result. I trusted his recommendation, and as such, have avoided having a conviction on my record and am eligible for a hardship license to help minimize the impact on my family and career. Justin went over and above to assist me with clearing out some lingering parking tickets from my past as well. He is well connected in the MA system, and I highly recommend his services.”

~ Kristin C.

Superior Skills

“Justin stepped in to help me half way through an important legal issue I was dealing with. Justin was professional, knowledgeable and also, just as important, thorough, thoughtful, and diligent. He knows the ins and outs of the courtroom, he understands the law, he listened to me and he told me exactly what he was going to do each step of the way. No surprises. Justin’s skills are far superior to anyone’s I have witnessed in a courtroom. Im very happy with the results and I’m just sorry that I didn’t find him sooner. If you are looking for an attorney who will get the best results for you, then I highly recommend Justin T. Wing.”

~ Sharon K.


“I was stopped for OUI for the first (and hopefully only) time. I had no idea what was involved in the process and started to get nervous with what to do. I hired Justin Wing. He put me at ease with his friendly demeanor, and had the expert knowledge to guide me thru the process. He always answered my questions with very quick turn around via v or e-mail. Highly recommend Justin for his expertise.”

~ John K.

Excellent Defense Attorney

“Justin is an amazing defense attorney and I would highly recommend him for his areas of practice. He helped me out majorly with an extremely complicated leaving the scene of property damage case last year.”

~ Jim K.

My court case

“Needed an attorney for a OUI case. Justin was recommended by other people who worked in the court house. I did whatever Justin suggested and very happy with the results. He understands the court system and handled the case professionally. I would never hesitate to hire Justin again if needed.”

~ Ronald A.


“I hired Justin Wing after being arrested for a domestic violence crime which I did not commit. He indicated he was well versed with the type of court case I would be facing and was upfront and honest about the potential outcomes. He offered solid and sensible advice and was reassuring and compassionate in all communications. Based on my observations after two court dates, he knows the system well, has great professional relationships with courthouse and Middlesex County Distric Attorney's office personnel and is well respected by same. My case was dismissed completely as he indicted it would be from the beginning and I will highly recommend his services to anyone I know who needs legal counsel in the future. Don't hesitate to put your trust in this seasoned criminal defense attorney.”

~ Theresa M.

Highly recommend

“I hired Justin to represent my young adult son that was in an auto accident and been charged with driving to endanger. Justin was quickly able to assess the situation and bond with my son. He wasn't condescending, knew which questions to ask and helped us gather materials we needed. He was able to re-assure us based on his experience with the law and with the particular court we were in. I don't know how he did it, but the case was dismissed and my son will be able to get his license back.”

~ Terry S.

“We are so grateful to have met Justin when we needed legal assistance! He was very understanding, helpful and reassuring. He knew what he was doing, and not only did he seem to know everyone at court, those folks also recommended him. They were right. Our case was resolved quickly in our favor.”

~ Julie N.