Framingham DUI Defense Lawyer

Being stopped, arrested and charged with OUI drunk driving is a very serious and stressful situation that many individuals may encounter at some point in their lives. It may be a terrible mistake in judgment that can leave lasting ramifications. Oftentimes, individuals arrested for OUI have never been thrust into the criminal arena before and can feel helpless and lost. However, with good counsel in your corner from Wing Law, P.C., all defenses will be explored along with a complete and thorough explanation providing all possible defenses and likely outcomes based on knowledge gained from over a decade of trying OUI cases as both a prosecutor and defense counsel.  

Individuals charged with OUI oftentimes may either feel that they unjustly accused and think beating the case is easy if someone will just listen to them or a complete feeling of hopelessness and that there is no way they will win. Both sentiments can be damaging to a client and should be discussed with seasoned legal counsel such as Attorney Justin Wing. Attorney Wing is well-versed with the several training manuals that have been provided to every police officer attending the academy through the years and knows the common missteps officers often make when conducting field sobriety tests. Attorney Wing knows how to attack these all too common mistakes made by police in your favor.

First Offense DUI Penalties

A first offense OUI is a serious offense not to be taken lightly carrying a maximum sentence of two-and-a-half years in the house of corrections and/or fines up to five thousand dollars or both.

Luckily, there are often options available to those charged with a first offense OUI to resolve cases quickly and efficiently such as alternative dispositions commonly referred to as a "24D Disposition" and a continuance without a finding ("CWOF"). These options were created with the thought in mind that sometimes mistakes are made and no one should be punished for a lifetime for a small, misstep in judgment. Attorney Wing is highly knowledgeable in all areas and all conditions surrounding these alternative dispositions. 

Former Massachusetts DUI Prosecutor On Your Side

Attorney Wing can confidently advise you whether to try the case or attempt to tender a plea for an alternative first offenders disposition commonly known as a "24D Disposition" by admitting to sufficient facts and requesting a continuance without a finding. By tendering a plea, individuals are able to very quickly regain their driver's license while also ensuring their record is clean of a misdemeanor conviction. A thorough review of both the allegations contained in the police report and your side of the story will be evaluated and discussed and a course of action will be quickly determined. Rest assured, Attorney Wing will fight for the best possible outcome for your case whichever road is chosen as he is well aware of how such a simple mistake can cause someone so much mental anguish, embarrassment and hardship in their lives.